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Michael A. Robinson
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As professional coach who focuses on working with men, I will guide you through a process that helps tap into your inner purpose and passion, as well as connect you with your outer goals and tasks to bring about extraordinary and sustainable results.

Focusing on Your Core Energy

The challenges that you face are often just symptoms of an underlying cause. By only tackling the symptoms, you may be able to modify your actions in the short-term, but this approach fails to provide meaningful, long-term solutions.

The unique Core Energy Coaching process I provide goes beyond traditional coaching to tackle the root cause of your challenges: your underlying thoughts and emotions. As a result, you can better connect your inner purpose and passion to your goals and strategies–zeroing in on what you really want and breaking through what’s holding you back.

The Core Energy Coaching process will help you to achieve real, sustainable transformation, giving you the opportunity to be at the cause of all of the great things that you want to experience in life.

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My Coaching Process

I will partner with you and utilize a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire and motivate you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

This specialized process provides:


I will seek to elicit solutions and strategies from YOU and believe that YOU are naturally creative, resourceful, and have the answers.


I will listen BEYOND what you are saying; I will observe, encourage self-discovery, and customize your approach to meet your needs.


I will help you make adjustments, remove roadblocks and support the skills, resources, and creativity you already have.

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Contact me to schedule a complimentary 30-minute exploratory coaching session.


This would be an actual coaching session… I want you to experience what coaching with me would be like so you can choose if you want to start on that journey.


I will not push you or be “salesy” – you have to CHOOSE to do this yourself with your full being. Anything less would not deliver the results you are after.


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